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Welcome to Centrality Media, the internet marketing site from James Fraser.

Centrality Media is a site dedicated to bringing you helpful, hands-on internet marketing (IM) strategies.
As well as being an informative guide, the site also serves as my journal; to help me organise my thoughts and map out my progress as I continue to grow my connected IM empire. Hopefully, this will provide you readers with a clear window into the world of IM?
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I hope you find Centrality Media to be a useful site and I wish you all the very best of luck with your own IM adventures!


09 Oct Posted by in SEO | Comments

Exact Match Domains Dead?

07 Oct Posted by in Money Making Guides | Comments

Google Alerts Affiliate Method

I thought I’d post this affiliate marketing method as my first money making guide as it was the first method I used to make some decent earnings myself.  If you want to dip your toe into the affiliate marketing world easily and cheaply, then this Google Alerts affiliate method offers a great way to do that.

This method is simple in concept and it can pretty much make you money right away.  I made my first commission within 24 hours; which isn’t at all unusual.  However, the method does require you to work at it all the time in order to keep earning.  I was making just over $100 per day with the Google Alert affiliate method in the month or so that I worked with it.  I stopped running it because I was exploring so many methods at the time and began to focus on making money by building up my affiliate sites via SEO.  SEO driven affiliate campaigns require a lot of patience and time to build up your rankings and traffic.  However, a method such as this can get you instant and highly targeted traffic to your offers, but as I mentioned before, it will take up quite a bit of your time.  If you stop pushing it your sales will dry up pretty quickly.  I’m now all about building up thousands of small revenue streams which earn me a passive income.  I just leave them and they keep earning me money – kind of the opposite to this method really.  Anyway, it’s worth giving this method a try if you’ve got the time and could do with an extra $100 plus per day.

Step 1

To get started, what you need to do is pick a niche of your choice.  It can be anything you want really as you will be able to drive laser targeted traffic to perfectly aligned offers within your niche.  I think the best way to get started with this is to use Clickbank, although you can run this method with any affiliate products or platforms.  If you’re not already familiar with Clickbank, in simple terms it is a marketplace platform for vendors to publish information products and for affiliates to promote those products on their behalf.  It’s really easy to get accepted and you can promote any product you want without having to sit through long and frustrating approval processes – like so many other affiliate programs make you do.

Once you’re a member of Clickbank just visit the marketplace section and start browsing for some niches and products that interest you.  I would advise you stay away from the weight loss niche, as it is one of the most over-saturated areas in the world of affiliate marketing and it is also the niche your potential audience is going to be most skeptical of.  I don’t mind revealing the niche I used now as I no longer work with this method and all my time is spent elsewhere.  I decided to work primarily with the green energy niche.  All the products you’ll find here will be based around solutions for generating your own energy at home with solar / wind power, reducing energy bills etc.  It is a great niche as it has very high conversions on many of it’s products and it is one you can find a very hungry and emotional target audience for.  I will explain in step 3 how to go about finding your target audience, so you don’t have to worry about that too much now.  Like I said before, you can choose any niche you want and still find a hungry target audience for it.  Just make sure that when you are choosing a product to promote on Clickbank, Commission Junction, or wherever, that the product already has a good track record of sales.  You want to choose one that is already making money for their existing affiliates.  This will be evident if a product has a ‘high gravity’ score on Clickbank or high earnings per click (EPC) on other affiliate schemes.  Also, make sure you choose products that have a decent commission payout.  There’s no point in choosing a product that’s going to pay you peanuts for all your hard work!

Step 2

The next thing you need to do is build a platform from which to promote your chosen product(s).  The best way to do this is via your own, self-hosted site.  You can run this through free blog / site platforms such as Blogger and WordPress, but they aren’t going to look as convincing and you won’t get as many conversions, so it’s not really worth doing it for free.  It will hardly cost you anything to set up though, if you go for the paid option.  A couple of quid for a domain and few quid a month for hosting isn’t much outlay for a potentially decent income.  The type of site you’re aiming to build for this project is a review site.  It doesn’t have to be at all complex and you can use it to promote just one or several products within your niche.

Once you’ve got your hosting sorted, set up WordPress for your site and install an affiliate review theme.  There are tonnes of review themes out there for WordPress, some paid and some free.  Just Google “affiliate review theme” and you should be able to get hold of many.  It doesn’t really matter how it looks, the main point is for your site to act as a bridge between your targeted traffic source and your niche product landing page.  What you want to do is write an impartial review of the product you are promoting.  You don’t even need to have bought it to review it.  Just gather as much info as possible about your chosen product and write an in depth analysis of it’s features and it’s pros and cons (based on what others are saying about it).  It’s important not to hype it up too much, saying “this will be the best X you’ve ever bought, you can’t live without it” etc. just try and sound balanced and fair.  Stick your affiliate link in your review a few times with highlighted text like this, saying click here to read more about this product, or something along those lines.  This will then direct your interested readers on to the sales page of your niche product.  If they buy, you get your commission.  It’s all pretty basic stuff really.  The ‘secret sauce’ to this method lies in the way in which you drive traffic.  I’ll get to that in the next section, but before that I just want to say that when your choosing your domain name for the review site make it something quite generic.  Let’s say your niche is the green energy one like the example I gave earlier, you will want to create a site something along the line of rather than if you see what I mean.  Don’t limit yourself to just one product in your niche… leave it open enough to be able to write more reviews for a few products under the umbrella of your wider niche.  Hope that makes sense?

Step 3

Now that you’ve chosen your niche and built a simple review site with a couple of reviews on it, you have to set about driving hyper-targeted traffic to your site.  You may have guessed already, that the way to do this is with Google Alerts.  Before setting up the Google Alerts, though, you want to create a new Gmail account specifically for running this through.  You are going to be receiving a flood of messages from Google alerts and you don’t want to clog up your main email account – trust me, I made this mistake first time round!  Once you’ve got yourself a new Google Account head over to Google Alerts and start setting alerts up based around your niche.  Again, using the example of green energy products, if you were to promote a DIY home solar guide, create separate search queries for your target keywords.  These might be “solar panels”, “home solar power”, “energy bills” etc. Pick as many as you can that you feel are relevant to your niche.  Then select result type ‘everything’, how often ‘as-it-happens’ and how many ‘all results’.  Then set each alert to deliver to your new Gmail account.

What you have done is created a means of receiving a torrent of news items, press releases, blog posts and forum posts that are targeted to your niche and are regarded as important enough by Google to have been included in their alerts. Everything up to now has been the easy part.  Once it’s set up you can just leave it.  The actual hard work bit comes in the form of you having to respond to these alerts.  You will need to frequently (every day) visit all the links to the alerts articles that are dumped into your inbox.  Once you have visited these sites you need to look and see if there is anywhere to post a comment.  If it is an article on a blog about the cost of solar panels coming down, you will want to post a comment saying something along the lines of

Great to hear that solar power is becoming more cost effective!  I wish more people were aware of the fact that it’s now relatively cheap to run a home solar power system.  Some people are even taking themselves off the grid altogether now… There are some great guides out there on how to do this some of which are listed on this site if you’re interested?

Now, obviously, it’s going to take you ages to write an originally crafted response to every news article / blog post that you want to comment on… especially if you have to sign-up to comment there.  What you want to do is have a few generic responses that you have in notepad or something that you can then paste into the comments section.  Just make a little twist to the wording each time to make it a bit more relevant to the topic in question.  If you were following this strategy for SEO backlinks people would say you were crazy – and rightly so.  It basically amounts to comment spam in the eyes of Google’s ranking algorithm.  But that’s not the point.  Your site will be very lucky to get ranked from this strategy at all.  What you are doing by reacting to alerts like this is essentially being the first responder to an article that WILL GET A LOT OF READERS by virtue of the fact that Google has chosen to list it in it’s alerts in the first place.  That’s the clever part about this.  You will get a tonne of traffic coming into your site, but better than that, it will be hyper targeted traffic, because you are actively putting your site in front of interested readers on very popular sites that Google knows are going to have a lot of readers.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a labour intensive way of making money online.  But it is a no-brainer, it just works perfectly.  You don’t even need to worry about optimising your site for Google and hanging around to see if they rank you or not.  What you are doing is plugging into a fresh, hyper-relevant and hungry audience who are interested in what it is you are promoting.

Now, it becomes obvious, that the reason you want to run this through a respectable looking self-hosted review site, is that site moderators of the sites you are commenting on are more likely to approve your comments if they see that your links are to a self-hosted site rather than a crappy Blogspot one or something similar.  Also, they are more likely to approve a review site than a link directly to an affiliate sales page – it doesn’t look like your are directly selling something.  Rather, that you are pointing someone in a friendly, useful way to find out more about what it is you’re saying.  Your review then does the work of driving the reader on to the affiliate sales page.

It really is a powerful system and one that can generate a reasonable affiliate income in a short amount of time.  If you’re looking for an easy set-up-and-forget revenue stream, then this is not for you.  If however, you seriously want to get involved in affiliate marketing and actually don’t mind doing some real WORK, then this is a great system.  It probably wont make you rich, and it might not even be enough to live on (depends where you live I suppose?), but it is definitely a great and rewarding way to get involved with affiliate marketing.

Good luck if you try this method and be sure to comment on this post if you have any questions about setting it all up…

02 Oct Posted by in Earnings Update | Comments

Earnings Update 2nd Oct 2012

The image to the left shows the US + non-UK traffic stats for one of the best affiliate marketing offers I am currently promoting. Yesterday happened to be the biggest day of traffic for me since I started this particular project back in late May. I got 603 clicks, which is pretty good. However, it wasn’t my biggest money day as my earnings per click (EPC) were slightly down at £0.14 – it should average around £0.18 per click. But all in all, it was a pretty good day and the total was £118 (~$190) for yesterday (including the UK traffic) for just this one offer.

Just so you know, I split my UK traffic off through another link to a UK specific landing page for the same offer. Total traffic between the two offers hit 840 clicks. I will go into more detail about the structure and sales funnel for this specific project in later posts…

01 Oct Posted by in News | Comments

A New Beginning

The old Centrality Media site

On the left is a screengrab of my old Centrality Media site.  This is the site I used to conduct client services for social media marketing.  I had some great clients and I enjoyed working on some really exciting projects.  However, about a couple of years ago, I began to devote some serious attention to affiliate marketing (for myself rather than clients) and it didn’t take me long to recognise the earning potential.  I continued to work with clients on their social media projects up until a few months ago and I have since made the decision to take the plunge with affiliate marketing full time.

Having wound up the client servicing side of business and not wanting to waste the traffic potential of my existing site, I have made the switch over to the current design with the aim of making this site a working journal of my affiliate marketing projects and as a resource for any interested readers to learn about how to make an independent living online.

I came to realise pretty quickly that making a living online isn’t about the get-rich-quick schemes that so many (so called) IM gurus promote on places like the Warrior forum.  You really have to work hard at it like any real business.  You have to learn how to identify the right niches to enter – with good earning potential and low competition… or at least manageable competition.  You need to keep up to date constantly with the ever changing world of SEO, and very importantly, you need to collect as much results data on your projects as possible.  Only then can you understand what’s working and what isn’t.  Although, the most important thing of all, is that you’ve got to take action!  You can spend months reading all the IM forums and wasting your money on crappy WSOs before you even earn a penny.  The key is to get started and to start building your own little connected internet marketing empire.

I started the original Centrality Media social media business based on the principals of social network theory.  Namely, that the power of a node or hub in a social network is determined by it’s ‘centrality‘ within said network.  This can be measured in variables, such as ‘degree centrality’, ‘betweenness centrality’ or ‘closeness centrality’.  I always kept these principals in mind when trying to identify and control online influence and influencers for my clients and their social media campaigns.  These principals still hold true with the affiliate marketing I am now using to make a six figure salary.  By connecting my revenue generating projects in a holistic web, and by carefully mapping these connections out, I have been able to build vast networks of small revenue streams which trickle down and combine into a torrent of cash :)

Independent IM is a seriously rewarding and highly addictive form of work and the lifestyle that comes with it is priceless.  In fact, work for me no longer feels like work at all, it’s more like a SIMs video game, where I am constantly analysing stats, tweaking, adapting and building up projects, before moving on to explore new niches.  It’s so much fun.

I you hope you enjoy this new site and I will do my best to keep filling it with as much useful content as possible.